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  1. Try IntelAzulFB=12 but you should post your computer specs so that someone can help you properly
  2. Update I cant start hackintosh without USB installer, may laptop was looking for boot drive, it wont show without the USB. I also add this boot flag IntelAzulFB=12 -v GraphicsEnabler=Yes fix the graphics.
  3. Ok I was able to solve this one, first use boot flag xpcm-free -v to install the mavericks, then on the customization uncheck Audio driver after installing it will restart then for the post installation do this -Booting into single user mode (-s) -"mount -uw /" to get write access -"mkdir ~/backup" -"cd /System/Library/Extensions" -"mv NVD*.kext ~/backup" -"reboot" if you can use the ~ (tilde) just create a folder inside the current path after reboot use the flag -v -x I will now just need to fix the wifi, sound, and touchpad.
  4. Hi there I was able to preinstall(xpcm-free -v) mavericks.dmg restored using Win32DiskImage on Windows 7, But I can't do the post installation Boot flags -v -x