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  1. Bootloader Replace.

    So i've solved the boot1:error problem but i have a new error. After boot Os x i get a black screen how can i solve this problem?
  2. Bootloader Replace.

    I have done this allready yesterday and became boot1: error. Why i have this error?
  3. Bootloader Replace.

    Hallo, first of all sorry for my bad english, i only speek german. I've installed Niresh 10.9 on my pc and it works very well, but i wanted to replace the installed bootloader with clover, what i have to watch for? I dont know how to install clover. I allready installed it but then i had "Boot1: Error" because of the other bootloader. So i want to know how to remove the old bootloader and how to replace it with Clover. My spec's Motherboard: F2A85-M LE CPU: AMD A8-6600K Grafik: Radeon HD7700 RAM: 10 GB Greetz from Austria.