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  1. Elliottforcelegacyrtc Panic

    Man i have the intel dp35dp please how you boot from your mavericks usb? what option in your bios has change? i wont boot from my usb and i have change everithing in my pc. SOrry if i cant reply with an answer but i am desperated :'( Thanks!
  2. DP35DP won't boot USB

    Man sorry if i cant ask, y reply to you because i have the same problem :´( and until now i can't boot from my mavericks usb, like you i have install in other computer (with gigabyte board) but in my intel dp35dp the mavericks usb and i dont know what use it, i use the plot boot manager but when start this has and plpbt.bin problem and wont boot either. Please if you have a method (maybe in bios) that let us boot from the usb (i also have ACHI, HPET, ONBOARD LAN DISABLED, Zip ALL FIXED and so on) please let me know. Thank you!