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  1. Memory Allocation Error!

    Hi.. i know its a few months later but this is the only relivent post i can find on the net. basicly i have the same error. my graphics card is a MSI Radeon HD 7770 now, i would of taken my card out of my system and booted mac up to remove the files that one of you mentioned. only i cant because my onboard graphics dont work because i dont have the required processor to do so. so i think that only leaves me taking my drive out of my system, putting it into a caddy and removing them on another system. only problem is, i can't do this as all my systems in my house are WINDOWS. when i installed the mac os, i choose the Mac OS extended (Journaled) Format. so obviously windows cant see this encryption. i have tried several software to get around this problem, but none seem to work. so before i go out and buy a brand new graphics card, i need to know is this definitely the problem ?? ps. i am a complete noob to apples mac os for now