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  1. Post Installation Issues

    I actually gave up with hackintosh. Never could complete a install of any of the hackintosh releases. So I'll buy my own iMac now and skip these problems.
  2. Post Installation Issues

    I have two hard drives on my system, one have Windows installed and the other is for Mac. So I downloaded Multibeast on Windows, and opened the Windows folder when I went on Mac. But I wrote it wrong at my first post, when I just installed hackintosh, ethernet worked well, and wi-fi don't. I believe that ethernet works well in the vast majority just by completing the installation. Did you tried to connect a cable on your hackintosh?
  3. Post Installation Issues

    I'm using just Intel HD 4000, 64MB in BIOS settings. I installed everything that is needed from Multibeast (latest version) and booted with the boot args: -f -x -s, then everything worked well without acceleration.
  4. Post Installation Issues

    Update: Everything is working fine, except for the graphics acceleration. Specs.: i5 3570k HD 4000 Maximus V Extreme G.Skill 16gb 1866mhz
  5. Post Installation Issues

    First, hello for you that's reading topic. Yosemite 10.10 is the first hackintosh release that could complete the installation and boot into desktop, but I have some problems as listed below: *Incorrect display resolution, should be 1680x1050 but it is actually 1024x768; *Missing Audio, ethernet/wireless; *I can't reboot the system except when I use -s for single user mode. When I just let the system reboot for itself, it freezes at the apple logo with an loading bar at the middle of the loading. Booting with verboose, at some point it says: "AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement may be incomplete or corrupted", so I think that it is some trouble with my motherboard, because I didn't patched it, just did a fresh install of Niresh's hackintosh. I would appreciate some help, I'm trying to get mac running on my system for a long time.
  6. Hello everybody. After so much time, and a bunch of patience, I successfully solved past problems and could install Niresh Mavericks properly. But for my sadness, when I tried to boot the Mac system the screen freezes and a panic message appears saying: No HPET's available...CPU(s) configured incorrectly. Well, I searched for a solution, and found the instruction to solve the problem, in this link: But I couldn't try this because I can't type quotes in the Terminal, I'm using an PC keyboard of course, all the buttons works fine but I don't could find how to exactly write them. So if anyone can help me with the keyboard, or another type of solution for this problem, I'll be forever grateful. Screenshot: