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  1. Sapphire HD7750 OC PROBLEM!

    Hello guys, i am a newby to hackintosh so i think i am gonna ask an answer to an issue which is already been solved but i cant solve it myself. I have a pc with specs: AMD FX 6300 MSI 990FXA-GD65 MILITARY EDITION 16GB OF CORSAIR VENGEANCE @1600MHz SAPPHIRE HD7750 2GB OC VERTEX 64GB SSD WESTERN DIGITAL 1TB HYBRID The installation of the distro went absolutely smooth with no errors, o problems no nothing. Network is ok, usbs are ok, etc. But here is my problem OS X doesnt recognise my graphics card (HD 7750) and i have "glitches" on the operation of the system.. what i mean is when i type the, text comes later on the screen, the right sidebar of OS X open like is freezing etc. What can i do and please tell me in detail because i have no experience with the os x. If you need more info about my pc or whatever tell me and i will post! Thanks in advance! Any help is appreciated!