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  1. Inject AMD Radeon 7640 / 8750?

    so i must remove Chameleon and change to clover right?
  2. Inject AMD Radeon 7640 / 8750?

    how do that ?? give me the steps please
  3. Inject AMD Radeon 7640 / 8750?

    is it possible??? :/ i used Chameleon
  4. Inject AMD Radeon 7640 / 8750?

    I have a problem with my Graphic on Acer E1 451.. specs: AMD A8 RAM 4 GB VGA AMD Radeon 8750 2 GB / AMD Radeon 7640 (onboard) is it possible to inject that graphic? but how?? i have been injected with device id and vendor id on ATI7000Controller.kext AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext but i got nothing help me
  5. Fail on Boot USB / DVD

    HI guys, i have a problem with niresh or other distro.. i used 2 hackintosh, Niresh and iATKOS with acer e1 451G that have spec: AMD A8 RAM 4 GB VGA AMD RADEON 8750 2 days ago, i have been succed to install Niresh but with GraphicsEnabler=no but, yesterday, its was crash.. i dont know why.. so i tried too reinstall Niresh, but its cant.. the boot look like this.. i think its just wrong with my USB drive so i try to make installer again,,, but no change,,, than i try to other laptop, no problem with that, its work.. i try to boot via DVD its not work too, the look like image above.. its work before with DVD or USB, but after crash yesterday, its wont boot help me guys tq