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  1. cant find good installation guide for my PC

  2. hello i need only good guide for MAVERICKS according to my specs my spec is: MB GA-H87M-D3H Gigabyte CPU i5 4570 MEM 4GB 1600Mhz G.C Asus GT210 SSD 64G - only for system I Apple
  3. hello everyone, im now use mavricks 10.9 from niresh and everything OK. im try to install the 10.10 yosemite and: in clover I got an error, symbol "No Entry" my setting in bios is not good mybe ? m.b GA-H87M-D3H Gigabyte CPU i5 4570 G.c Asus GT210 i wont 10.10 PLEASE HELP ME
  4. Please - I Need HELP FOR optimize install niresh

    I installed everything from scratch and everything works right!! I was beginning to despair Thank you all GO APPLE
  5. Please - I Need HELP FOR optimize install niresh

    Thanks Deepak, its not work Where can I get help for a clean installation from the beginning to the system will work fully functional? I really want a Mac Osx ON PC, that's why I bought the hardware I mentioned Please help me
  6. hello everyone, My Spec Is MOBO Gigabyte GA-H87M-D3H GeForce 210 1GB DDR3 CPU i5 4570 4G 1600MHZ SSD 64 i installed 10.9 and graphic is too slow !!!