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  1. No Bootloader

    u need to use 2nd USB with Chameleon or Clover and boot that to run installer or what KhatPhat said install chameleon or clover on the OSX bootUSB
  2. Hackintosh Mavericks

    I guess i'm lucky then my torrent worked fine, have Mavericks on ASUS P5B C2Q w/ 8gb ram 500gb HDD, Nvidia GT430 1gb, can't get QE/CL though have to use GraphicsEnabler, VoodooHD, Lan . It seems like everything is working though i don't know how to check Sry i'm a noob with MAC, though i have sucessfully installed OSX 10.6 - 10.9.1 on multiple PC's with different Chipsets and CPU/GPU's. I must say it's not as easy as the tuts make it sound, so many variables involved (MB, CPU, GPU, Chipset, Audio Chip, Bus and Bridge and lets not forget power consumption for Mutli-Core CPU.