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  1. Hi guys,So I'm trying to turn my Sony vaio PCG-71C11M into a hackintosh with dual boot to windows 7 for my girlfriend to use.I have backed everything from the laptop onto an external hard drive, and also found that the internal had in the laptop is jacketed hence the computer was running reallllly slow. So i upgraded the ram to 6gb and have a new hard drive waiting to go in once I've downloaded everything necessary.Downloaded niresh 10.8.5 and tried to burn to a DVD...got a hardware error and writing failed. Tried this 3 times with same issue. So I went to the shop and bought an 8gb USB flash drive, used some 'ISO to USB' software to try and mount the ISO on the USB, and it just screwed up my USB. Now the computer won't recognise it :/Anyone got any suggestions besides buying a new DVD writer? I have an external HDD enclosure I could put the hard drive I'm going to install onto in and try and mount the file on that for installation, but doubt it would work and don't know what I'm doing.Specs of laptop:CPU: AMD E-450 Ram: 6gbRadeon HD graphics (on board)HDD: 500gb western digital