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  1. HP Laptop Support ?

    @ip4368 Can i do this update : or will it break my install ?
  2. HP Laptop Support ?

    Okay great i will go buy one of those do i need to install any specific kexts ? or will the all in one solution cover that usb wireless dongle ?
  3. HP Laptop Support ?

    This one : ?
  4. HP Laptop Support ?

    @ i have the RT3290 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R PCIe but i did some googling around and it seem like there is no support for the RT3290 Wireless card maybe you know of something ? but that would be the final fix then everything works Else i will go buy a usb wireless if you can suggest one ?
  5. HP Laptop Support ?

  6. HP Laptop Support ?

    @ Okay great the first solution worked, copied boot file over and is now booting from HD without any boot flags or issues
  7. HP Laptop Support ?

    @ Thanks for all the help so far, i've managed to get to boot without any boot flags by editing chameleon plist or whatever in Extras folder so all my bootflags are in there now so i can now boot just by pressing Return which is great. let me check the guide and hope i can get it working to boot without installer.
  8. HP Laptop Support ?

    @ Great news i got sound working, i moved the kext to my desktop, restarted with no kext then used kext wizzard to add it and cleared cache and permisions. restart and working like a boss! now it's just the bootloader issue getting Error 0
  9. HP Laptop Support ?

    Here is my Info.plist on Github :
  10. HP Laptop Support ?

    @ No problem, i will add the file in the next post reply, have a good evening. Thanks for the help
  11. HP Laptop Support ?

    @ I'm not sure if this makes a difference but if i switch to the Kexts tab it doesn't show the Audio kext ?
  12. HP Laptop Support ?

    @ I've just updated System Info and now i get this Audio Device : 8 Series/C220 Series Chipset High Definition Audio Controller : 8086 / 8c20 Funny enough et also picks up my Graphics Card : GK208M [Geforce GT 740M] : 10de / 1292 But still no sound...
  13. HP Laptop Support ?

    @ I've tried both mine now as well as yours it has no effect ,i restart and boot with flags : -v nv_disable=1 GraphicsEnabler=Yes IGPEnabler=Yes IntelAzulFB=11 Could it be boot flag related ? also i don't get kernel panic with voodooHDA file in, i'm not sure if it reloads all the kext files ? is there a way to force it to reload the kext files ? or is it done by default
  14. HP Laptop Support ?

    @ i've tried that here is that section of the kext file : maybe i've missed something ? System Info Shows me 2 Audio Devices 1: Lynx Point HD Audio Controller : Ven ID : 8086 Dev ID : 8c20 and 2 : Haswell HD Audio Controller : Ven ID: 8086 Dev ID: 0c0c Which one should i enter in the kext file ?
  15. HP Laptop Support ?

    @ Okay i will give that a shot