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  1. ALC883 Patched AppleHDA

    this work with dsd or only instal kext an work!!!!!!! have chameleon
  2. Carillon Installer.pkg and Chime

    Aman work greate but how to add the chime sound at shutdown pls help me???????
  3. iMessage/iCloud/App Store Login FIX (UPDATED)

    yup work imsegaes but icloud apstore and face time no working!!!!! intel
  4. Realtek Alc883

    any have applehda for alc883 for marverik........because voodohda is work but i have noise krunchies and radio frequenci wen volume level is 25% and when i put to 100% not work pls help me and exuse my english
  5. Welcome!

    Thank You and this comunity wil bee the best in the world )))