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  1. Hey Everyone, I'm a hackintosh newb and have been reading up a lot the past couple of weeks on the best Hackintosh Mavericks option for an AMD-FX 6350 and an ASRock 970 Extreme 3. Niresh's program seems to be the only one that works. Yesterday on Facebook Niresh posted that there will soon be an ISO version of Mavericks. It seems that the ISO is more popular than the USB method. What is the reason for this? Does it reduce the chance of getting a kernel panic? Thanks for reading and thanks to everyone who posts on this Forum, it really helps!
  2. im sucess install 10.9.1 amd

    Thanks for posting this. I'm about to do this on an AMD fx-6350 with an asRock 970 EXTREME3 ATX AM3/AM3+. Would you think that boot flag would be the same? Thank you