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  1. before, i boot from flashdisk. then i boot into niresh, after pressing enter it will restart the pc
  2. didnt work either
  3. yep not working for me, you have the same specs? tried with graphics card removed? didnt work... i couldnt remove the graphics card...
  4. bump... help?
  5. there is no option to enable HPET to 64 bit, there are only enabled or disabled, i enabled it
  6. yes, except for the HPET, the only options were enabled and disabled, i enabled it. SATA is already set to AHCI and of course the boot sequence prioritized usb
  7. thanks for the quick reply im sorry, posted the niresh menu screenshot
  8. hi, im a noob on this i used win32diskimager to extract the dmg files from to a usb after rebooting the pc, i booted from the usb. The niresh menu was shown, after I press enter there were some texts i couldnt read and it restarted the pc. I tried using -v and -x, but didnt work. also tried to use bootdisk utility to extract to usb from dmg files but failed sorry for bad english, im from indonesia my pc specs: i5 4570 nvidia gtx 650ti boost msi b85 g43 gaming im also using win 8.1 update pics: these are all i got from the niresh menu