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  1. Any updates with say amd support and bring back the costumize button.
  2. Now bronya has released a yosemite amd kernel just google amd kernels and check out the first result.
  3. Should I use amd -v or amd64 -v for amd athlon II X3 (3 core)?
  4. I've got this to work on a 280Wt Power Supply (Dell Dimension C521).
  5. How did you get it to boot?
  6. Could you make it so you can use it with os x .dmg please.
  7. It won't work for 2 reaons, #1 A standard DVD is 4.70 GB not 5.07 GB #2 I'v heard it's reaaaaaaly slow on DVD!
  8. Hey I hope they figure out to soon (I'm more active on InsanelyMac (Username "Hack Pro").
  9. Can I run it in VirtualBox (I have 6GB RAM AMD Athlon 64 2.40 GHZ Windows 8.1 Pro 64-Bit.