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  1. help needed

    ok..Ive been reading threads here and all over the net but dont know what happened or what i need to do next. I have a AMD E-350 HP Laptop. I tried to install 10.8.5 on it many times from methods here but in the end..says Installation Failed. So I copied the file to the hard drive and tried it that way.. Now when I start my computer I get a niresh boot screen w/ a hard drive icon. If I just click that..screen turns black,,,so I then need to turn off and try again but if I add amd64 -v -x it seems to work..code scrolls by and took me to apple screen...where I enter icloud info..ect. I fill everything out and it takes me to osx desktop. trying to figure out everything..wifi..Audio..ect now. But when I restart the takes me back to the niresh screen...making me enter the and64 -v -x again in order to get back in. (is this normal?) I took me back to my desktop w/ whatever I was working on it seemed to have installed....right? Is there any apps that would bypass this and automatically take me into osx? any help would be greatly appreciated.
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