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  1. HP Desktop with AMD APU Instant kernel panic.

    Before. I just setup virtualbox the way i was indicated, then I proceed to run the machine. The window asking for the amd64 cpus=1 -v hit enter and the error comes in.. same error specified by @dehhaxor4evr
  2. HP Desktop with AMD APU Instant kernel panic.

    I have a similar pc specs - MODEL HP dv6-6c50 and I got the same error. I tried what you suggested @ but it doesn't work at all I just get a black screen if i use amd cpus=1 -v and the error message if I use amd64 cpus=1 -v Any I deas of what could be done to resolve it? I don't know what to do at this point and I really need mac to do testings on safari for client websites