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  1. tried. not working... what now?
  2. please anyone... i'm stuck on laptop and dont Know what to do
  3. sorry but it isn't working... i really don't what to do... can you give me more suggestions?
  4. When trying -v
  5. This is what i get when i try to boot with only -v
  6. ok friends downloaded niresh 10.9.0 dmg on wimdows 8.1..ade bootable usb, created partition and booted usb. installed niresh osx86... then got AppleIntelCpuPowerManagement panic error while trying to boot...followed instructions to remove it from the terminal... tried booting again after that... not letting me.. infinite circle spinning with apple logo... tried almost all flags and it didnt work... when installing Niresh i followed all as i should. i unchecked EnableGraphics or something like that . i was careful... so what should then i do? my specs are on and