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  1. Lenovo Y510p GT-750M

    Search on google 'Install Yosemite on Lenovo y510p'. First post
  2. Lenovo Y510p GT-750M

    Any news of gt750m?
  3. Lenovo Y510p GT-750M

    I did update to 10.9.4 but I switched to 9.0 because if there is a fix from video card first appeared os 9.0 . You need to replace mach_kernel after update.
  4. Lenovo Y510p GT-750M

    Take the second plate and continue the steps. But know that you can not do much with the second plate conected. As you can see is 0 mb
  5. Lenovo Y510p GT-750M

    There is no risk, you just watch what you do. Here you will find how to do it Of course if you begin to change the wrong thing you make brick.
  6. Lenovo Y510p GT-750M

    Like that I installed Mavericks. 1- Download 2- Install Win32 DiskImage 3- Burn to usb maverick 4- restart laptop and press F12 5- boot from usb(Niresh Mavericks) 6- press any key and write xpcm-free -f 7- space next agree open Disk Utility select disk/partition select Erase write a name '' Macintosh HD '' format Mac OS Extended (Journaled) 8- Close Disk Utility 9- press customise select only CPU fake sensors in rest NOT uncheck anything 10- select disk/partition '' Macintosh HD '' and press install (20-24 min) 11- restart 12- press F12 and boot from disk/partition '' Macintosh HD '' with -x -f -v 13- press space, enter country, id, pass 14- open Terminal (disk/partition '' Macintosh HD '' / Applications / Utilities) 15- write in Terminal '' defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE '' enter '' killall Finder '' enter (To return to normal replace TRUE with FALSE) 16- enter in '' Macintosh HD '' delete mach_kernel and paste mach_kernel from attachment 17- open Terminal and write '' sudo -s '' enter / write pass (password is not visible when inserted) enter / write chown 0:0 /mach_kernel enter/ chmod 755 /mach_kernel enter / exit / enter 18- replace org.chameleon.Boot.plist and smbios.plist (Macintosh HD / Extra) 19- open kext wizard (Applications / Kext Wizard) 20- install kext from attachment 21- copy from attachment and paste dsdt. ssdt etc (Macintosh HD / Extra) 22- open and load with Chameleon wizard org.chameleon.Boot.plist and smbios.plist 23- Check if selected squares org.chameleon.Boot.plist (see picture) 24- fix permission with kext wizard (tab 1, select squares enter) Optional : To be sure, start Kext Utility and automatically repair. 25- restart and boot from Macintosh HD Who wants the files, write me private message. Lucas Reis I'm sure can be made the video card work. I just do not know how ) Graphics card was connected permanently (ultrabay)lll What wireless usb adapter you have? I have a Edimax EW-7811UN, 802.11 b/g/n and i have a kit (software and driver)
  7. Lenovo Y510p GT-750M

    I saw, when I selected the pictures I did to make them automatic for web. When I get home I put pictures in high quality. Yes, the video card is in the laptop.(ultrabay)
  8. Lenovo Y510p GT-750M

    Lucas, Works but graphics 64 mb. If i remove the card works with 1024MB (1GB).I did nothing, I installed normally. I have windows 7. P.S. I was wrong, I dont have 64 mb. I have 7MB. Using the settings nvidia video card but the laptop sees 0mb ) FinalCut not go less than 128mb.
  9. Lenovo Y510p GT-750M

    No one so far managed to install GT750 / 755M. If i start with the second plate (SLI) i have only 64mb video in Mavericks. I am tired of to remove the second card from the laptop when I want to start Mavericks.
  10. Lenovo Y510p GT-750M

    Hi, any news for nvidia gt 750m? He was able someone to install it? Intel video card I managed to install.