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  1. I am getting this error when I use nvda_drv=1. Please help me I am using : AMD 8320 GTX 750 Yosemite 10.10.1 8 GB ram mobo: 990fxud3
  2. <p>It shows this image after instalation, I can't even boot in safe mode, because this going to apear again.&nbsp;</p> <p></p>
  3. Niresh 10.9 sound not working

  4. Niresh 10.9 sound not working

    Voodoo hda doesn't work for me, I try to install all voodoo versions but no one work.
  5. I recently install Niresh 10.9 in my pc, but I notice that it does not produce any sound from youtube... I tried to install multiple kexts and drivers from multibeast but nothing fix the problem, so please help me to fix this. Cpu: Amd fx 8320 Gpu: Nvidia Gtx 780 Motherb: Asus crosshair formula z Hdd: 1tb