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  1. [Strange Case] Still Wainting for Root Device

    Whem i rarely got a install screen, that happend : Anyone can help me? Thx :3
  2. Hey Guys. So, let me explain. Sure, i've see, a lot of "still waiting for root device" error message here yeap. But its strange on my case, and i wanna know why. Yesturday, i've installed Niresh, and that works pretty well, i like that. So, trying to install my Gpu Driver, that was a problem, there is no boot on my mac. So, i need to try reinstall, and that here i'm. No one of that command works and even works, stops on install screen time on panic screen, or simple freeze. Asking for help guys. And since there i thank you.Sorry about my english. My pc specs are: ASRock N68-S3 FX 2gb DDR3 1333 160 Gb Hd Sapphire 5770 1gb. That is the verbose of my error: