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  1. Well well dear friends I did it :-) do not ask me how because I do not know but it seams that everything is working fine even Intel HD 4600 :-) I think that this file which is called org.chameleon.Boot has to be write properly and here is mine :-) and if You ask me would I be able to repeat this process I would be honest and I will say I do not think so... Greetings to all... <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" ""> <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>EthernetBuiltIn</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>No</string> <key>IGPEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>Kernel</key> <string>mach_kernel</string> <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string> -v</string> <key>Legacy Logo</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>Timeout</key> <string>2</string> <key>HDEFLayoutID</key> <string>01000000</string> <key>GenerateCStates</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>GeneratePStates</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>UseKernelCache</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>"1920x1080x32"</string> <key>HDAEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> </dict> </plist>
  2. GA H81m ds2v i3 4330 hackintosh 10.9 Niresh does not work HELP