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  1. Opemu error

    You are awesome!!!!After I deleted AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement, I've booted with -x -f -v cpus=1, and it worked.Now I boot with cpus=1 -v, and, it works ^^Many Thanks
  2. Opemu error

    I have installed NullCpuPowerManagement.kext , but i can't delete AppleIntelCpuPowerManagement. When I type in terminal "cd Volumes" it says "No such file or directory"
  3. Help! reboot after niresh menu

    Try with GraphicsEnabler=No
  4. Opemu error

    I get panic when i boot with -v -x
  5. Opemu error

    I tried just "GraphicsEnabler=No", and it shows up a language selection menu and after that just stucks Any ideas?
  6. Help installing o s x maverick 10.9.0

    Try "amd cpus=1 -v" (without ")
  7. Opemu error

    AMD Turion II Dual-Core P540 2400 MHz 2 GB DDR3 RAM ATI Mobility Readon HD4200 HP Laptop
  8. Help! reboot after niresh menu

    Try with cpus=1 -v.
  9. Opemu error

    Hi, when I try to boot in OS, it shows a error : opemu error:no rip yet Any ideas? I tried many bootflags such as GraphicsEnabler=Yes cpus=1 -v -x