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  1. Problem after install

    Bluetooth error gone thanks to your link BUT still no boot latest -v flag here
  2. Problem after install

    Hello thanks for the reply here's the picture I can't figer out how to upload it on here so I uploaded it to a photo site
  3. Problem after install

    Build Asrock z77 extreme 4intel i5 3570k ivy bridgeX2 4gb vengeance ddr3 ramIntel i5 integrated graphics 120gb ocz ssdCorsair 55w power supply Hey guys I resents built a PC and I'm having problems with 10.8.5 - 10.9.0, I think I know what causes the problem I use to have 108.2 on there works peficly no problems then I tried 10.8.5 problem with booting up I think chameleon is causing it I don't know coz niresh 10.8.2 I never had chameleon on it So I just installed niresh 10.9.0 with graphic enabled and message on chameleon boot menu on the top left said something about Intel hd 4000 graphics is not supported so fair enough I reinstalled with it off and now it's just stuck on the boot screen I don't know what to do