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  1. ML vs Mavericks

    Its a statement ... now a days i playing games like battlefield and call of duty .. works flawlessly on mountain lion but shows lag on mavericks. any solution to that ?
  2. ML vs Mavericks

    so like i was using mavericks , i had no issues in installations of any sort but it was slow .. even with updates i had allot of problems ...had alot of things not requires .. so i switched back to ml 10.8.5 and it works like a breeze. i have core i3 - 3200 i tb , 8gb corsair , nvidia 610gt 2gb ... so a decent machine , using for 2d and 3d animation works.
  3. Hackintosh Mavericks

    everything is working awesome , updated from 10.9.0 to 10.9.1 now to 10.9.2 .. but i just cant fix one thing , that is i cant boot without my thumbdrive. tried every bootloader , just dosnt work ....
  4. well what i did was that during the initial installation, i installed 90% of the stuffs from customize option. so when i updated to 10.9.1 , the vodoo wasnt working - i repaired permissions using kext wizard - it fixed it. after 10.9.2 there was no problems as i had all the initial kexts that were supposed to be updated with the 10.9.2 so u can either try by repairing permissions or try reinstalling by adding the most from customize.
  5. Update to 10.9.1 no sound??

    Yeah i had the same problem after updating , i tried manual kexting- it didnt work , multibeast 6.1 - it didnt work , used kext wizard and restored permissions - it finally worked and even fixed my nvidia hdmi ports and Audio.