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  1. i'm going insane, please help :(

    @tomixx00420 "line fx.: -v -x cpus=1" doesn't work As for other versions and reformatting...i already tried several versions The problem is that one of the versions worked, and then it stopped i don't think reformatting or other versions would work ;/ @Deepak 1. Can't make it work with this driver Does this require any specific bios setting in order to work or read tha Raid 0? 2. 3. I'm not sure I understand the question. This boo0:error happens when I'm booting os x installer from the USB Pendrive. It worked, then it stopped working (the same version of 10.8 installer worked, then after i loaded the optimized bios settings and did some changes according to hackintosh guides for my mobo i stopped working - maybe it's coincidence), Then i tried several other versions of os x and everytime the same. I can't ever start the os x installer anymore...
  2. Hi guys, I'm about to throw my computer through the window and beat everyone in my flat to death. If you help me, you will save some lives Here's the thing: My hackintosh system broke down and stopped working. I decided i'm switching to windows. I restored all my data from HDD that had os journaled file system to my new windows ntfs drives except for RAID 0 that I can't read on my windows 7 with HFSExplorer. So I figured out I will just quickly install a clean OS X, transfer the data and i'm done. And then it started... I made USB installer using niresh torrent with Mountain Lion 1.8 and USB Image Tool. I installed the system on my hard drive, but i just received "unknown cpu model 0x3a" and the system didn'teven boot in safe mode, so i couldn't do anything with it. I figured out ill install a newer version, 10.8.5 or Maverick. I downloaded maverick, made usb install and...bam i got boot0:error and with usb installer and that's all. The same thing happened with 10.8.5 installer. Then i made again the 10.8 installer, that worked previously...i doesn't either anymore. WTF? All i did in the meantime was resetting the bios to defaults and following all the guides that say how to set up the BIOS. Do you guys PLEASE have any ideas how to overcome this issue? You can help me in three ways: 1. Is there any way to read mac os journaled RAID 0 on Windows? 2. Is there any way to solve this unknown cpu model error, considering the fact, that I can't even boot HDD in the safe mode? 3. WTF did just happened to my pendrive usb installer that it suddenly started the boot0: error game? Here's my gear: i5-3570k gigabyte ga-z77-ds3h z77 GF gtx650ti