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  1. After installing Niresh i get the following screen when i am trying to boot into the operating system.
  2. I plug in my USB after it had been formatted and restored using the DMG file with Win32DiskImager and have tried Transmac also, but it will not boot to give me the installer option. It just keeps restarting itself.
  3. Niresh will not boot.

    I have changed SATA and Boot Priority but when i try booting up from my usb it just returns itself to my BIOS Menu. My specs are fine i have had it How to i add bootarg:xpcm-free? it doesnt give me any option other then my bios screen.
  4. Niresh will not boot

    Please can someone help me?
  5. Niresh will not boot

    Where do I add this? And how do I add it?
  6. Niresh will not boot

    I have changed SATA to AHCI, changed boot priority but when I am booting it gives me a little message that is too quick to read then goes straight to my BIOS screen. My specs are what follows: Intel® Core i7-471HQ CPU @ 2.50 GHz 2.50GHz 16GB of Ram
  7. Niresh will not boot.

    Intel® Core i7-471HQ CPU @2.50GHz 16GB of Ram Is that enough information?
  8. Niresh will not boot.

    I have changed SATA to AHCI and changed boot piority but when booting it goes straight to my bios screen.
  9. Selecting a disk image

    Hi when I try to select the OSX-Mavericks.dmg file in Win32 Disk Imager it gives me a message of: "OSX-Mavericks.dmg This File is set to read-only. Try again with a different file names." Can anyone help me with this I am try to create a bootable USB.