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  1. Kernel panic Haswell

    Hey, Everytime im getting an kernel panic when im loading the installer from USB (dmg) or DVD DL (iso). And yes, ive used /haswell. Image:
  2. Bootable DVD

    Burned the ISO to DVD, it wont boot directly. Did i do something wrong?
  3. Bootable DVD

    Hey, If i burn the ISO on a DVD (i bought DL dvd's), will it then be automaticly bootable or do i have to use something like iBoot? I hope somebody can help me. Greets.
  4. Yosemite DMG to USB

    What did i say; already tried TransMac
  5. Yosemite DMG to USB

    Hello, I want to know which program i can use the best to put the Yosemite DMG file to my USB to create an bootable USB. TransMac didnt work with the DMG file (tried twice). Greets, Twan

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