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  1. Error installing 10.9

    Here are the pictures finally:
  2. Error installing 10.9

    As I said above it has no issues with my cpu outside of the intel kexts, and the installer boots fine. The only issues I have is disk write perms, and packages that wont install. Yes.
  3. Error installing 10.9

    When installing 10.9 with amd -v I have a couple of things go wrong. First it calls an error on AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement, then continues to load into the gui. Once in the gui it Haves a bunch of volume errors with the install disk, Including Volume is missing CoreServices (I'll upload a picture in a while when I'm home). Finally it ends with the error package Essentials.pkg failed to install. Also I did not see any kernal panics. Mother Board: ASUS F2A55-M LKRam: 4GBProcessor: AMD A Series APU A4-5300 with Radeon HD 7480DGfx Gard: Radeon HD 7480D APU
  4. Stuck on the apple logo. (Niresh 10.8.5)

    I need the kext for Radeon HD 7480D. The ones in the downloads do not support mine as far as I can tell, and when I downloaded them to test I got unexpected end of archive. (this download: https://www.hackintosh.zone/file/66-amd-radeon-hd-7xxx/) If you could fix the download link so I could test it I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. Stuck on the apple logo. (Niresh 10.8.5)

    Try what I did. Burn a cd of the ISO version of niresh 10.8.5, then Make a butable usb of niresh 10.8.5, then use the cd copy to get to the boot menu of all the drive, and then proceed to boot from the usb copy usuing the cd copy's boot menu with the boot args: amd -v.
  6. Stuck on the apple logo. (Niresh 10.8.5)

    Holy crap. I managed to install this some how. Was quite an awkward way if you ask me. First I booted up the niresh 10.8.5 booting screen (before booting os x installer), then I booted into the usb niresh 10.8.5, and from that point everything went smooth. Like I said quite a weird fix if you ask me. Now I do have 2 more questions. What kexts do I need (My graphics are really choppy when any movement is envolved), and how can I get networking to work on my hackintosh (Its an ethernet, but when I tried to use it the setup kept saying try again)?
  7. Stuck on the apple logo. (Niresh 10.8.5)

    There we go! It finally gave me an actual error. This is booting with the ISO version of niresh 10.8.5 with boot flags: "amd64 -v -x" And here is booting form the ubs drive with the niresh 10.8.5.dmg with no boot flags: and finally booting form the ubs drive with the niresh 10.8.5.dmg with the boot flags "amd64 -v":
  8. Stuck on the apple logo. (Niresh 10.8.5)

    Yes directly after the libraries/mkexts are loaded.
  9. Hardware: Mother Board: ASUS F2A55-M LK Installed Ram: 4GBProcessor: AMD A Series APU A4-5300 with Radeon HD 7480DVideo: Radeon HD 7480D APU Whenever I try booting into Niresh 10.8.5 (using this guide: https://www.hackintosh.zone/forums/topic/209-updated-guidecreating-a-usb-installer-on-windows/) I have issues with loading the libraries (Specifically "SystemLibraryExtensions.mkext"). I did -v to show you what happened when using both clover and chameleon boot loaders.Clover:Chameleon: If I could get help with this It would be great. Really looking forward to having a hackintosh.EDIT: I looked at the chameleon photo realizing it said unsupported ati card. Although I don't know if this would stop me from loading libraries.