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    Is there a kext for the AMD A8 Graphics (AMD Radeon HD 5600K)?
  2. Hi, I downloaded and used this kext: Tp-Link WN751ND V2 (kext+DSDT) (AR9287) V2 It works great for starting up and connecting to my home WiFi, however I cannot run anything on it. For example I start up safari type in and it gets a quarter of the way across and stops, tried other sites and it was the same. Also when I used the network diagnostic it connected fine but every fer seconds the green lights at the side of Server, Internet etc. Would go red and say failed to connect. Any help would be great. Thanks. (Oh by the way, I installed Mavericks on my AMD A8 with boot flag of AMD, then booted with PCIRootUID=1) Works a dream just need kexts now.