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  1. Clover/Toleda trouble

    Hi there, I'm an absolute newby when it comes to OSX/hackintosh but I just managed to install Yosemite on my ASUS H81T. I had to install my wireless dongle and the onboard network card manually but this worked like a charm. after that I installed toleda Audio injection (clover) for my Realtek ALC887-VD codec. Wierdly I do not have any sound from my System/Apps except for some wierd warning sound that comes when I press one of the function key (1-12). Also my mainboard has 1 line-in and 1 line-out, 1 hdmi and dvi through which I'm connected, still my system setting displays these choices: - Internal speakers - Line-Out - Line-Out - Digital output Whatever I choose here, I do not get any sound. But when I select the "Internal speakers" in VLC, I get sound and everything works fine :/ Am I doing something wrong? Or do I maybe have to modify the drivers layout scheme?