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  1. 'm New to mac, my mouse and notebook touphad ta locked. has a terminal command in mac I use to open the file?
  2. thank you, now how do I install?
  3. thank you, now how do I install without touphad?
  4. managed to install, but now what do I do with the touphad caught notebook, and start without controls?
  5. I used the command: -v "Kernel Cache"=amd64 npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=No and it worked, but now tenhos two problermas: 1 - min to enter the mac I use the above command, is another way to enter the mac without using this command? 2 mouse notebook not worked, has a solution?
  6. already tried all the possible sequences of anything falls into the black screen or screen in the apple. I'm erring on customizing the installation, how can I install with these settings? Asus k43u Radeon Graphics HD 6290 AMD Brazos dual core 8GB de RAM HD 320
  7. To trying various commands but in the end is not in black screen and nothing appears installation has another suggestion?
  8. sequence can use one command or one at a time?
  9. I did what you said, but I still can not boot it already tried the command: -x -x -v "Kernel Cache"=amd64 or mach_kernel USBBusFix=Yes -x -v and not out of the apple screen.
  10. I'm having trouble continuing the second break of the installation, after installation do not know command to boot., Already tried several commands but only sits on the apple screen. notebook configuration: Asus k43u Radeon Graphics HD 6290 AMD Brazos dual core 8GB de RAM HD 320 obrigado.