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  1. Sony vaio Vpc, intel core i5. Intel Hd graphics.. what more you need to know sir? and i can't play youtube video on youtube. and i think my sound is not working too. how to check all of those not working drivers/kext?
  2. can i add it sir? i already installed niresh osx mavericks.. my wifi, trackpad not working. and when i click about this mac. nothing happens..
  3. it does not show the unallocated space when i got in to diskutility so i cant choose it.. do you have facebook account sir?
  4. i got another problem. i shrink the volume and now it is just unallocated space.. because i cannot make anymore partition i reachd the maximum.. what will i do?
  5. How can i set partition to install os x mavericks? when i shrink volume in C: i think it will just give me a logical drive. can i install Os x mavericks on that logical drive? and dual boot it with windows 7? or if can not. how can i have another primary partition? Thanks again!
  6. okay sir, ill keep you updated after i got all requirements on hackintoshing i will start the installation.. and im hoping that i will seek again for your help thanks a lot.
  7. Sir , im on windows 7. and tried the repair thing with cmd. i type whats in the box and it tells my that what im typing is invalid.. Diskpartlist diskselect disk 0 <---normally your 1 disk with two partitions, windows and Maclist partition <---- if you see 3 DO NOT PANIC, system reserved is where the windows 8.1 boot location isselect partition <----SELECT the system reserved partition(very important, its around 350 MB)active<----set selected partition as activeexit<----exit the diskpart program (You could also do a Startup repair) i dont know which i type first in that..
  8. Sony Vaio Vpceh15fx

    Okay thanks alot. ill update as soon as i installed os x! after installing os x mavericks in an another partition, and after isntalling chameleon.. then reboot.. what will i do then so i will see windows and mac on the boot?
  9. Sony Vaio Vpceh15fx

    what exactly third party software are you in to?.. and charmeleon will be installed on mac after installation or windows? i really dont know what is that.. thank you for helping
  10. Sony Vaio Vpceh15fx

    Sorry in advance, because i am newbie. I got Sony vaio laptop Vpceh15fx model Intel core i5-2410m Intel ® HD graphics im currently running windows 7 64bit right now. i already have the bootable usb with osx installer in it. but before i install it, i need my windows not to be deleted,means i need to dual boot wth windows and mac. can anyone help me how can i do this? thanks a lot.