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  1. That's a negative. It definately isn't about the processor, and every combination has a chance. My laptop: HP Pavilion G7 with 8gb RAM AMD A10 4600M APU Radeon HD7600M&7660G combo SATA (by AMD) USB3.0 (By AMD) Ralink RT3290 wifi + RealTek PCIe ethernet Shitloads of electronics with AMD label on it... No custom (=non-Niresh) kernels, no extra mods etc etc. Was fighting for AGES to get it installed, but it is doable. You just *really* really REALLY need to test allmost every frigging kernel + options combination. As weird as it sounds,my 64bit rig sucked Mavericks inside it with no problems useing the basic amd kernel (*not* the amd64), and only "verbose - safe mode - ignore basic/kernel kexts" - flags. Here's what I did to get it up; a small guide for those having same/similar enough laptop: Create target partition first. It doesn't matter what it is (I used EaseUS partition manager in windows 8 x64 to resize my hdd that's in gpt, and made a 25GB VFAT32 partition), set UEFI(bios) to LBS mode (Legacy Bios Support, found under boot options. disable also secureboot), create USB just like the guide says (win32diskimager + Mavericks usb file), reboot with usb, and test the following as flags: amd -v -x -f as said, against the guide, I DID NOT USE USBBUGFIX OPTION, OR hp AS KERNEL. Only those above. It hangs the boot at some point for a minute, but still installed Mavericks correctly (follow the guide...) After that (REBOOT brings you to windows) I used BootDiskUtility (By CVad) (in win8) to create UEFI bootdisk with Clover bootloader, changed LBS off from UEFI, booted with USB (after powering up, strike esc -> F9 -> UEFI USB disk), selected Mavericks, and booted the bad boy. My machine failed booting during install every frigging time I used USBBugFix=Yes, cpus=1 or other kernels... STAFF: Could you rename the topic / comment/edit the first post to be a bit more accurate; Reading the first post *allmost* made me stop trying...