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  1. So there is a package named backup graphics kexts when I customize at the install screen? also is there any command line options I should be calling when I boot from the USB drive?
  2. Well after being thoroughly proselytized by a friend over to Mac. I thought I'd give a go turning one of our PC's into a Hackintosh. It's a Toshiba NV5915h-ca (P6200 at 2.13ghz,4gb ddr3 ram, Intel HD Graphics,500gb hard drive). I downloaded this torrent... put it onto USB Stick and managed to boot it up into the setup with no issues. Erased the only drive in the system and started the setup.. 24minutes or so . counts down to about 6 minutes doing the install as per normal and then white screen with a gray cursory looking block over to the right. I have run with the -x -v option and it stops on a ACPI error. Any tips for installing on this particular laptop? The first time I just left everything completely default in the installer. The second time I did a few things I heard on the net with no luck. I've tried booting with the GraphicsEnabler=No and a few other settings wtih no luck.