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  1. Audio Problem on 10.8

    Problem solved ATI 5470 is working now by injecting EDID ( updated to 10.8.5 & injected EDID, now its working ,maybe I used wrong kext before)
  2. Audio Problem on 10.8

    AtiConfig=Eulemur & Langur works but it seems that screen only works with 1366x768 that is not on list of selectable resolutions. when i choose resolution lower than 1366x768,i get verticle bars & when higher selected i get fancy colors. Tried to add 1366x768 in chameleon plist but always get resolution higher than native so gets fancy colors. 1280x768 works but not fullscreen working (black bar at right i.e unused screen) tried Macbook Air SMBIOS MAcbook Pro SMBIOS. So basically 5470 is working but with lower resolution & I have no way to get 1366x768
  3. Audio Problem on 10.8

    Now I have Audio working.. But 5470 GPU is not working. Tried AtiConfigs like Eulemur,Langur,Baboon, colors are distorted on laptop screen but colors are ok on screen connected on VGA port. when I use GraphicsEnabler=Yes, get verticle bars on screen. Tried EDID patching but no luck still get verticle bars Without EDID patching screen works with Eulemur,Baboon but RGB balance cheanged means I see screen with some fancy colors but i can read text on it. Tried Calibration but not working. ioreg.txt & DSDT.txt are 7z compresed archive so rename .txt -> .7z to extract Inspiron N5010.txt Inspiron N5010 15R.txt moninfo_win.txt vgabios.txt ioreg.txt DSDT.txt
  4. Audio Problem on 10.8

    Hi, I have Dell Inspiron n5010 & I recently installed Niresh's MacOSX 10.8. Install was fine & Audio was working, but after reboot Audio is not working anymore. I am newbie to MacOSX. q1) How can I bring Audio back? q2) How can I enable ATI mobility radeon 5470HD graphics card q3) I have VLC2.1.2.dmg file downloaded from VLC site, when I try to install it OS says " its unrecognised" ( .dmg file is perfectly ok (checked hash)) ( On linux command "file VLC2.1.2.dmg" shows its compressed with bzip2 ) ,similarly i downloaded mono mdi &mre these are .pkg packages,when i try to install it shows couldn't open that package while again package is not corrupted. q4) Can i install libreoffice or openoffice x86 on this 10.8 mac which is 64bit. Thx.