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  1. Version 1.0.1


    A legegyszerűbb módja annak, hogy hozzon létre a lakossági USB telepítő. Magyar!
  2. Look at the Aida 64 alkalmazássaí the exact type of video card. download the USB in the version and put forward the usb drive
  3. What is the type of HD video card?
  4. You can even try this.! Telepidsd the kexteket as.!jhAFmTKA!yeGtQHo3B-8wb3vXYgAAtQ (Sorry if I express myself badly, I can not in English ...)
  6. Hello Everyone! I put Niresh Yosemite Zone, but the HD2500 -x only a start, I tried GraphicsEnablerY / n IGPEnabler Y / N and Efi string but we could not megy.Tud anyone help?
  7. Clover bootloader Inject Intel Y/N
  8. Welcome! Maybe this will help.
  10. Helo! Intel HD 2500 running Niresh 10.10.1?
  11. tenda v7tw311m to mavericks
  12. Be corrected by the terminal command!
  13. Hello! Can someone fix that restart after installing sub hd 2500?
  14. Hello! Problémák vannak a 10,9 Menni nagyon, de tartózkodás mellett Csák Újra infula-x el.Kérem segitsen.Az a videokártya Intel HD 2500
  15. Nem jött be ezt már probáltam de azért köszönöm!
  16. elo Everyone The TP-LINK TL-WN422G wifi t want to use Mavericks en.HELP
  17. Device 002: ID 0cf3 If I'm right:
  18. Hello! Unfortunately, they only know the device ID from the DERVICE do not know where to look at the system info on their app does not recognize My help thank you very much! USB2.0 WLAN: Product ID: 0x1215 Vendor ID: 0x0ace (ZyDAS Technology Corporation) Version: 48.10 Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec Manufacturer: ZyDAS Location ID: 0x1a120000 / 4 Current Available (mA): 500 Current Required (mA): Unknown (Device has not been configured)
  19. De nem jó!!!!
  20. HDMI issue resolved from ati 6450?
  21. Video cadd Hdmi audio ven.ID:1002 dev ID:aa98sound card(alc887) ven ID:8086 dev ID:1c20 help is appreciated! Unfortunately, I can not speak Englis
  22. Yes 10.9.1