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  1. Hi I Updated 10.10.1 Niresh to 10.10.5 and in verbose mode it says it's denying mach lookup for pretty much every file you can think of e.g. deny mach lookup and it denys signal 150 and I'm sure different signals when you boot with different options in clover...I am using clover bootloader... deny system_privilege 1002 and other system_privileges etc deny mds secinitd apsd ntpd sandboxd I think all if not most have sandbox at the start of it, it just denys to load anything from what I can see I checked my efi paritition and I noticed a file in there under a new folder called apple inside that folder is a folder called firmware inside that firmware folder is a file called something like 14_2locked.scrap 14_2 I'm guessing is because i run the 14,2 imac smbios and locked it makes me think my operating system is now locked I deleted the file and it doesn't unlock it. I have no idea what to do I would really like to fix this I can't boot into mac osx at all. Thanks Cliff