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  1. I have booted animations are slow and a bit laggy I at first had to boot with the -x flag but I unibeasted my computer so I boot without problem just graphics. I searched for a bit and I couldn't find much help So close to having a working hackintosh Spec: i7 875k not over clocked ATM but is cooled with a custom loop. 16Gb 1336MHz Ram 4x4gb HIS 6970 2Gb Seagate scorpio 320gb 2.5in drive I had it extra. All my other storage devices are unplugged because they are all for windows. I have a 256Gb OCZ Agility 4 with 2 1TB Caviar Blues in RAID 0 on the intel chip all on sata 2 Right now my bios are set too AHCI instead of RAID.