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  1. So I was following this tutorial, but it seems there's a major problem: we needed two usb sticks, which is a waste of the of the storage, so I was wondering if we could make two partitions, that the first partition will be the Clover bootloader, and the second partition will be the Niresh image burned to the usb, However EaseUS partition manager said my USB cannot be partitioned, any ideas everybody?
  2. So I was like wanted to make a niresh stick with my new 16gb thumb and I wanted to use it as my Maverick usb installable stick, at first, I looked into this article, but it would require me 2 usb sticks, then, I used to download the niresh iso build and "burn" it into my stick but it wont work(while in VirtualBox, the iso is bootable), then I downloaded the dmg version of niresh and used the TransMac to make a bootable stick, somehow it failed, there's one folder, and the name I forget, but the folder wont expand like other tutorials did, also there is no booting option that boots to the stick, on the UEFI interface. I was wondering if my image was corrupted. Anyway, now I cant play hackintosh, any idea everybody? PS. My PC was running UEFI, I dont have a computer with legacy bios.