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  1. Mavericks AMD Help

    Managed to install. Boots great. Now just need wifi adapter to work. Tenada W311M. Any thoughts?
  2. Mavericks AMD Help

    Anybody? I've seen working builds so there has to be a way around this chipset.
  3. Mavericks AMD Help

    Is that just a mavericks issue? I've seen videos of snow leopard running on this mobo
  4. Mavericks AMD Help

    On my bios there is no option to set SATA mode to AHCI. It's before install. I've booted with amd -v, amd64 -v, and both kernels plus -x -v and it hangs at waiting for root device. I've seen videos of successful installs but they don't provide much help. When I get home I'm going to try turning usb legacy support on and off to see if that helps at all. When booting with USBBusFix=Yes I get a different error that I will post later.
  5. Mavericks AMD Help

    Hello all. Trying to install mavericks on an AMD machine. M2n68-am plus mobo GeForce 7025 chipset Phenom x3 processor GeForce 8800 gt graphics I have mavericks in a vm for prep. I am stuck at waiting for root device. There is no option in bios for ahci, however I've read it isn't necessary. Can anyone tell me the proper boot flags needed? Also is it possible to install mavericks on an external usb hard drive. I would like to try dual booting my toshiba qosmio x75 but can't risk windows at the moment. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. New here attempting a new hackintosh. I've installed on a dell optiplex and have a new laptop. Looking for a guide to install on a toshiba qosmio x75? Any suggestions? I'd prefer mavericks and the ability to dual boot. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.