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  1. AMD update from 10.9.3 to 10.9.4

    i restore kexts from windows via cpy pst of my backup. but how to restore kernel ? , i cnt boot , plz help me as soon as possible :cry:
  2. Niresh update to 10.9.4

    i did all the steps , even repair permissions also , then when i tried to boot with -v -x -f , after some time automatic restart , tried 15-20times , please help me. help me as soon as possible 1st i backup all the kexts and kernel via osx86, then i update with this then i restarted use -v -x -f , its took auto restart then i replaced kext via windows, then did repair permission. and restart , and tried with boot -x -f -v , again same black screen and restart plz help me :'( processor = amd8350. gpu = AMD Radeon HD 7700 ram=12Gb