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  1. Hello everyone and thanks to Niresh for his great job! I Successfully installed Yosemite 10.10.1 and after restart I got my Lan and voice Completely Working. But My Speakers Right Channel is Broken and I Switch to Left By windows Sound balance setting to hear sounds without Noise. When I Put My output device in Yosemite to Analog (the last one) and change the balance setting to left nothing happens and I can still hear the noises. Generally When I Change Setting in Yosemite's Own Sound setting nothing happens but when I use Voodoo Setting , Changes take effect. But here is my question: Despite Yosemite Balance Settings Is not working for me , How can I Change Sound Balance With Voodoo and Put Balance into left? I Checked Voodoo for the option but such this option DOESN'T Exist! If i can Use Patched Version of AppleHDA which one should i use? If you wanted to answer Please help me completely! Excuse me for my poor english
  2. I Also found this APPLEHDA ( which is for My Inspiron n5110 Sound Device! But i have no idea how to remove voodoo and install this because in download page there are some codes and i have no idea where to put them or how to install this?
  3. IDT92HD87B1 Patched AppleHDA

    Excuse me but i dont know how to install this? Can you please completely Provide Installtion Guide? because i dont know how to install or replace things!