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  1. Hi, How would I go about installing OSX Yosemite on my Packard Bell iMedia 2885 desktop pc here are the specs:- Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi guys I have downloaded the iso burned it onto a disc boots brilliantly I type amd -v works great starts loading the screen of words but then get an error a few seconds later:- Still waiting for root device how do I fix this error Thanks
  3. Ive Tried 10.9 with the boot flags on the download page it seems that the kernels hp -v and amd -v do not work so I don't know what to do
  4. I tried to Install 10.8.5 and tried the boot flags still didn't work im going to try 10.8.2 nearly downloaded do you think my cpu is supported its an AMD A6-3420M QUAD CORE and my Laptop is a HP pavilion G7 1303sa
  5. No I haven't I download and try it
  6. I've tried all possible combinations and yet again not worked
  7. so I shut it down and came back here
  8. I didn't work It loaded the screen full of words but at the bottom said system uptime in nanoseconds 7513980810 for about 10 minutes
  9. Hi guys I need help installing I have put the .dmg file on a usb successfully and boots into the usb but I tried the following boot flag amd -v and it didn't work I have a hp pavilion g7 1303sa Thanks