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  1. Hoo Sorry. I was using kext-dev-mode=1 not the other one and the delay is from 17 seconds to one minute and 20 seconds not 17seconds to 20 seconds. I used clover for the writing the bootflag. Thanks for your Reply.
  2. My ALC892 works just with Voodoo 2.8.6 and only with kext-Dev=1 but if I use Kext-dev=1 it increase my boot time too much. from 17seconds to 1 minute 20 seconds... Without kext-dev=1 it boots normally with good boot time but without sound... what should i do. Using Clover as boot Loader on YOSEMITE.... ANY Help will be greatly appreciated..
  3. ALC 892 problems

    IF U STILL WAITING FOR SOLUTION THEN... First install Voodoo 2.8.6 with VoodoTSCSync then go to clover and enable kext-dev=1 now it will work but in my case boot times is increased from 17 seconds to 1minute 15secs