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  1. Yosemite Theme for Clover EFI / UEFI Bootloader

    how to install this???
  2. Imessage Not Working, Fixnvram Did Nothing

    Make a clean install and after follow these steps. chameleon wizard (last version) 2.make sure to tick Ethernet built in on org.chameleon.boot click save system preferences and on network delete ethernet device click apply. 4.go to library/preferences/systemgonfiguration and delete NetworkInterfaces.plsit 5.restart system 6.again on system preferences network add a new ethernet device and rename it to en0 click apply 7wait for it to get the ip address and try to log in on iMessage! should be ok now!!!!! share this if it works!!!!!
  3. Please Read: 10.9 iMessage Errors and Problems.

    Guys do you have any news about this problem???