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  1. Hi at all guys, i've a laptop asus with i-5 4200u, intel graphic hd 4400 + geforce gt820m and 4gb of ram. I installed virtualbox 4.3.12 and setted up a virtual machine in which i would run maverik osx. But when i run the virtual machine it seems how it can't find the boot driver and then it says error loading drivers.. How can i fix that ? Update : I tryed to run maverick on vmware player and now it works, so my problem is that touchpad doesn't work on virtualized maverick, so i must run it with a usb mouse.
  2. Hi at all, i'm new in this forum and i don't know if i'm in the right section. Howerver let's go to my problem ! I've a new laptop, an Asus F552L with a core i5-4200u haswhell architecture with an integrated intel hd 4400 graphics chip, and a geforce gt820m with 1gb of dedicated ram, 4 gb of ram and windows 8.1. I have installed virtualbox 4.3.12 'cause the last version has an issue when anyone try to launches a virtual machine on windows os host. So i have setted up my virtual machine and launched it, but it enters in a boot loop and i don't know how to solve it. That are the messagges of the boot loop. Sorry for my english and please help me !!!