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  1. Am I being too ambitious?

    Fixed it on my own. Thanks.
  2. Am I being too ambitious?

    Giving up for the night. Attached is a picture just a few lines above where it crashes. I just can't click the camera fast enough to get what the next line says........
  3. Am I being too ambitious?

    Ran -v, it goes for about a minute, and right before I can take a picture it goes black and I have to reboot. It makes it past keyboard and mouse messages. I will try to get a picture tomorrow but it goes black so fast........
  4. Am I being too ambitious?

    Now I'm trying again with Mavericks USB. I got it installed, but I've been watching the Apple boot screen for 20 minutes with the little block across it. The little cursor below is still moving so I assume things are still happening, but the block across the Apple logo makes me think otherwise.
  5. Hi guys, I'm a noob to this, but I have a backup computer that isn't being used that I'd really like to run Niresh on. The specs are listed below: Gigabyte EP43-UD3L - I know it's not listed as a MB that will work, but I figured it may be close enough to a lot of the other Gigabyte models Intel Q9650 Quad Core Nvidia GeForce 460 Graphics I was trying to boot OS 10.8.5 from CD and I kept getting stuck at Apple logo. I tried PCIRootUID=0, no luck, and when I tried -v, the screenshot shows as far as I got. I'm sorry if I'm asking noob questions, and perhaps the answer is simple. Any suggestions??