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  1. Solved it by changing to iMac instead of MacPro Hey all, I've encountered an interesting problem after installing the All in one Audio solution and changing the smbios.plist with Chameleon Wizard. I have no idea what this error message means, so I hope any of you can help me out! I'm not getting this error anymore so can't take better picture... yes, it really staid like this: The weird thing is, I din't change anything between these two boots. Except for booting with safe mode in between. Premade chameleon SMbioses that I've tried so far (in order of trying): MacPro6,1 - see above MacPro4,1 - same problem ( )
  2. Mavericks hd6790

    anyone succeeded? Am going to try now. Will let you guys know!
  3. use only one cpu and disable EFI (settings --> system --> motherboard). Strangely using 1 core solved a lot of my problems, only one I have now is that it can't connect to the internet...