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  1. Memory Allocation Error amd

  2. Greetings, I just did a fresh install of Niresh maverick 10.9.0 and everything went great, I backed up the kext files for my Ati card hence I found a topic that recommended me doing that if I get this error, and the same thing again. Note, this is after the installation was completed, all I needed to do left was boot up but I cannot due to this error. My build Ati radeon hd 7950 3gb gddr5 384bytes AMD fx 8350 4 GB ram ddr3 The error is the following: Memory allocation error! Addr: 0xdeadbeef, Size: 0x0, File: ati.c, Line: 1772 This is a non recoverable erro! System HALTED!!! So, this is my first time doing anything related to mac os, I have no idea how to fix this error, I need some explicit help. Thank you. Edit1: After some fiddling around I used GraphicsEnabler=No - I thought it worked only on intel system but apparently not, it got me through the boot to the installation, I am now inside os x Edit2:I tried installing my gpu driver but it still won't let me boot up without using the GraphicsEnabler=No command, which makes my gpu invalid. Im still waiting for some other options.